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The Power of Movement

Dynamic Dancing
The Beat of the World comes alive on this vibrant, colorful recording bursting with polyrhythmic energy and the zest of life! Power of Movement ensemble uses a dazzling assortment of percussion instruments plus sax, keyboards, guitar and exotic tribal sounds for an unforgettable trance dance trip around the world; Native American, African, Australian and Middle Eastern influences make your dancing feet happy.
Drawing from olden Celtic, Norse, Native American, Hindu, Buddhist and Middle Eastern culture, Power of Movement presents a highly melodic recording packed full of worldbeat rhythms that will tantalize and energize you physically, mentally and emotionally; let your spirit soar!

”Dynamic Dancing” is really the first album of contemporary trance music to become a true best-seller all over Europe. Many people who buy this recording are probably into the techno-rave scene, while others are looking for and appreciating the more spiritual aspects of this music which can uplift and attune, allowing the soul to speak through sacred movement.

”Songs like the Native American influenced ‘Indian Visions’ are reminiscent of a more upbeat Enigma or Deep Forest, perfect get-sweaty-and-dance-till-dawn music for the communal dance crowd, revitalizing!”—The Inner Voice

”This sizzling set is one of the most innovative and beautifully presented examples of the type—add some positive energy to your day”—Spirit Matters

”World beat that will kick your butt—put it on real loud—louder!”—PULSE

”One person may hear this album as very earthy, indigenous, another will pronounce it very jazzy and socially hip. It is at the same time intricate and fascinating to hear, pulling at some old ancestral memory”—The New Times

”Trance uncovers far memory and awakens non-linear creativity, we dance to awaken ancient shamanic rhythms, risking becoming part of something larger than ourselves. Trance dance reawakens the ecstasy of living”—Aquarius
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MC 42014
ISBN 0-910261-67-9
UPC 0-79565-07194-7
Price US$ 10.95
Total running length 54 minutes

Ordering information – Where to find our music!
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