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Music and You ...
a Harmonious Relationship

Sometimes all you want to do is unwind after a hectic day with a good book or hot bath; other times you want to dance for joy, bliss out during a soothing massage, or create a romantic ambience to share with that special someone in your life.

INNER WORLDS MUSIC is there for you, setting just the right tone, day or night.


Music is truly the soundtrack to our lives; more than mere entertainment, it can inspire, calm, invigorate, relax and rejuvenate us. A favorite recording can either match or uplift our mood, effortlessly transport us to a magical world of mystical visions when we are creative or dreamy, help nurture treasured memories when we are nostalgic, or set our spirits soaring to celestial heights when we are blue.

We hope this homepage will inspire you to enhance your daily life with music, and that you'll discover some new favorites among our audiophile quality recordings; please, feel free to write, phone or fax us about your listening experiences and especially how you've created an INNER WORLDS MUSIC library to imbue your days and nights with glorious sounds of music, voice and Nature, harmoniously.

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