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Dancer’s Dream

Dance of Dreams
This gently sensuous Tantra lovers delight is filled with lovely melodies brimming over with passionate rhythms and spiritual ecstasy! Violin, guitar, flutes, hand drum percussion, angelic choir (on one song), singing bowls and chimes unite for a revitalizing mix of all-acoustic textures wonderful for trance or yoga dance, moving meditation or pure listening pleasure.
The artist notes ”The music on this album is based on specific tone scales that are able to tune the soul and spirit meditatively, thus serving as a catalyst for ecstatic consciousness states. The use of these tones and rhythms to initiate soul experiences has been traced back before the Middle Ages to when ancient Asian cultures used such modal music to produce a resonant state where one could commune with the Divine.”

”The trio’s sensually rich rhythmic textures beckon, flirt, and tease rather than overwhelm. This is the music of seduction, of moonlight, of first glances and stolen kisses. Vitalizing, sumptuous and love to the ear, each instrumental expresses a new aspect of the eternal union and gives rise to exotic fantasies where soulmates meet and meld”—New Age Retailer

”If you’re in love, or want to be, this recording is for you!”—Monthly Aspectarian

"This music feeds the soul, refreshes the weary heart and makes it impossible not to feel wonderful while listening”—Healthy & Natural

”Timeless romantic themes abound, extended length melodies could effortlessly melt a heart of stone”—Body Mind Spirit

”Exotically appealing, mesmerizing”—Music Times
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MC 42033
ISBN 0-910261-77-6
UPC 0-79565-07094-0
Price US$ 10.95
Total running length 63 minutes

CD 41033
ISBN 978-0-91026-178-4
UPC 0-79565-07082-7
Price US$ 17.95
Total running length 63 minutes

Ordering information – Where to find our music!
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