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Power of Movement

Body Empowerment

Music That Touches Your Body and Moves Your Soul
Powerful rhythms in harmony with magical melodies create an atmosphere that invites you to move, to dance with the world. Body Empowerment activates and energizes you, making it ideal for many dynamic bodily exercises like power movements, shamanic trance-dance, and other workouts. Ten rhythm-charged songs, with the connective power of a great diversity of cultures, accompany us on a spiritual journey. In addition, there is Pure Drumming, three bonus tracks that invite you to participate. These are especially suitable for drumming sessions and drum meditations.
Body Empowerment combines a large variety of drums and percussion instruments such as the djembe, tablas, bongos, congas, the frame drum, dinizulu, lead drum, dumbek, Japanese drums, gongs, shakers, cymbals, the rainstick, temple bells, wooden drums, the deep drum, and the drum set.

When you are willing to welcome the strength that is within you—then you are ready to let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of your body.

The power of your movement will take you by the hand and show you a world that you never even imagined. Try to dance with this world!

The music and you, together you feel the next step, melting into one single movement.
You and the music are an entity of sound and body. You no longer want to dance—you are the dance: nothing more and nothing less than the rhythm of life.

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CD 41099
ISBN 978-0-91026-131-9
UPC 0-79565-08052-9
Price US$ 17.95
Total running length 74 minutes

Ordering information – Where to find our music!
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