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Just Harmony - The Very Best of Merlins Magic INNER WORLDS MUSIC

The Very Best of Merlin’s Magic

Just Harmony


This album carefully prepared by Andreas Mock combines the most successful melodies composed by Merlin’s Magic during the last twenty years in one of the most beautiful collections of music for meditation and relaxation.

Unique sections of violin or flute as well as many traditional instruments have been excerpted from original works of more than 60 minutes length, and combined to a temple of wellbeing and balance. In addition there is a hitherto unpublished new piece played by the composer himself with particularly soft piano sections and acoustic guitar.

A musical expedition to your source of harmony – and a must for all Merlin’s Magic fans.

Plunge deeply into the power of harmony and cherish the loving and magic moments of life.

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CD 41139
ISBN 978-0-9406-7693-0
UPC 0-79565-08213-4
Price US$ 16.95
Total running length 65 minutes

Ordering information – Where to find our music!
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