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Merlin’s Magic

Flowing Perfection – Tai Chi

Tai Chi is soft, flowing movement full of harmony, lightness and strength. Merlin’s Magic has captured this essence and translated it into the most beautiful melodies. This music was composed to support you in your own Tai Chi practice allowing your soul the space to unfold.
Each piece is suited to complete forms as well as to short forms. “Harmony”, “Perfect Flow”, and “Centering” are attuned to each other in such a way that all three differently nuanced pieces contribute to a greater whole.

Harmony (Tai Chi) is attuned to the practice of the basic positions and individual exercises supporting round and flowing movements. The tone image closely resembles the atmosphere of a peaceful morning-in the sense of Tai Chi, boundless harmony. The music seeks to help you perceive and internalize this condition: resting in yourself, in attunement with the universe.

Perfect Flow (Yin & Yang) has been composed in accord with the interplay of yin and yang, to support the never ending flow of continuously changing energy. Perfect Flow is especially suited to the practice of a complete form. Taoists say that, corresponding as it does to nature of life, Tai Chi is the basis of health and inner strength.

Centering (T'an Tien) attempts to accompany the practitioner of Tai Chi to the core of their strength. Tai Chi’s sequences of movements are tied to deep and regular breathing – and the music also has been composed in this rhythm of the breath: vigorous and serene, coming and going, opening and closing, in and out – completely natural. Particularly suited to breath exercises and meditation.

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CD 41127
ISBN 978-0-91026-123-4
UPC 0-79565-08172-4
Price US$ 16.95
Total running length 60 minutes

Ordering information – Where to find our music!
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