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Eden River

Waves of Love
The melodies flow like soft waves, full of expression and harmony. Flute, piano, and violin join in a choreography of big feelings.

Waves of Love is music for the heart, full of feeling and power, accompanied by the dance of a saxophone as it has never been heard before. This music has been inspired by the infinite vastness of the sea and specially composed for Lee Mayall’s unique way of playing saxophone.

Through his wonderful tone and boundless devotion, it succeeds in spiriting the listeners hearts away to a world of big emotions a world that has almost seemed lost in modern times. With these compositions and arrangements, Andreas Mock has created a kind of music that has not yet been heard.

In two years of intensive work together with the saxophonist Lee (son of famed bluesman, John) Mayall and many other outstanding musicians, ”Waves of Love” has developed into a hymn of the oceanic paradise. Its expansiveness, gentleness, and dreamlike melodies bestow magical moments and feelings of freedom from time and space.

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CD 41078
ISBN 978-0-91026-151-7
UPC 0-79565-07292-0
Price US$ 17.95
Total running length 59 minutes

Ordering information – Where to find our music!
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