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Merlin’s Magic

Elements of Rejuvenation
Qi Gong Energy Healing
The tradition of prolonging life and beauty has been handed down for thousands of years. Taoists have researched unflaggingly and enlarged humanity’s knowledge about prolonging life and increasing mental powers. Qi gong exercises enable each of us to use our qi in the best possible way. As a result, you can acquire astonishing abilities to heal yourselves and others.
This music for the qi has been composed especially for qi gong, but it is just as suitable for slow movement exercises such as yoga and t’ai chi or for those who have no previous experience with qi gong. The uplifting melodies flow smoothly in resonance with subtle qi movements and awaken energies that are unexpectedly powerful. Listening to these exceptional qi sounds allows people to become more deeply in touch with the universal life energy and heal themselves.
All of the exercises concentrate on simple physical movements that can be performed effortlessly. They cleanse the meridians so that the qi can flow freely. The melodies energize the resonance between the inner organs and create synchronous vibrations. The album is accompanied by a lovely booklet with eleven exceptional Taoist qi gong exercises. The movements selected for this album are based on the lectures by the world-famous qi gong Master Gao Yun and Master Bai Yin. The music was composed in synchronization with their performance of the exercises.

Music Fills the Room with Healing Power
”For years we have held lectures and conducted seminars on natural healing throughout the world. We have taught each exercise together with the specific use of music. Prior to the start of the class, the room’s atmosphere is filled with the healing power of music. This imparts pleasant signals to the central nervous systems of the students. Music can invigorate the inner qi. In this case, music becomes a dominant factor that leads to spiritual power during the group practice session. It becomes an especially important component when the characteristics of the five elements of music and the theory of medicine are combined to create new techniques for diagnosing and healing diseases.
In 1997, a qigong performance at the Frankfurt Book Fair touched the hearts of the audience with its graceful movements and beautiful music. This led to the good fortune of producing a special series of qigong music. Produced by the well-known musician and composer Andreas Mock especially for this purpose, this music series is called Elements of Rejuvenation. It conveys a healing effect to both the listener and the practitioner of qigong. This special album of music is designed to send positive signals to each vital organ. Each of the five-element rejuvenation exercises enables the qi to penetrate more deeply into our organs and cleanse the viscera in our organism. It also regulates the related organ functions when we use the body positions, colors, sound, timing, and shapes formed by the mouth and hands for the purpose of healing. As you listen to each piece of music with a relaxed body and total concentration, visualize the images that the music brings to mind and follow the melody of the song. This will enable you to completely connect with the artistic concept and ultimately experience an enhancement of your life.”
—Master Gao Yun and Master Bai Yin
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CD 41094
ISBN 978-0-91026-143-2
UPC 0-79565-08012-3
Price US$ 17.95
Total running length 56 minutes

Ordering information – Where to find our music!
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