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Shalila Sharamon,
Bodo Baginski & Merlin’s Magic

Chakra Meditation "Audio"
An Empowering Journey into the
Innermost Centers of Subtle Energy

In their ”Chakra Handbook,” an internationally bestselling book that has been translated into more than ten languages, Shalila Sharamon and Bodo Baginski shared their revealing insights into the energy centers or chakras. Together with Merlin’s Magic, they have produced an acoustic journey, a guided meditation to these centers of power. Universally praised by critics world wide as a groundbreaking achievement, these exquisitely beautiful melodies are not only lovely to hear, but seem to actualize the energies represented by each selection.
The introduction will prepare you for the journey; you will be ready to explore the depths of wonder as they manifest in your subtle energy centers.
”Root Chakra” will help you dwell into the center of primordial life force, of sensual impulse and deep trust into life’s guiding light.
”Sacral Chakra” will open you up to the sensual aspects of your inner self and enhance your receptivity for deep feelings and a wide variety of emotions.
”Solar Plexus Chakra” connects you with your own power and vitality, strengthening your unique personality.
”Heart Chakra” brings about an intuitive understanding of selfless love and surrender, harmony and healing.
”Throat Chakra” is a evocative introduction to the communicative powers which regulate speech and self expression.
”Brow Chakra” supports insight, will power and knowledge while opening the third eye.
”Crown Chakra” connects you with universal life force and is a moving expression of the bond between all aspects of your personality and creation as a whole.
”Sounds into Silence” will guide you through the chakras to a short period of silent contemplation; resonate with your inner power.

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MC 42004
ISBN 0-910261-80-6
UPC 0-79565-07154-1
Price US$ 10.95
Total running length 48 minutes

CD 41004
ISBN 978-0-91026-157-9
UPC 0-79565-07152-5
Price US$ 17.95
Total running length 48 minutes

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