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Stardust is the name chosen by an intentional community of European and American acoustic musicians who have deliberately chosen to remain nameless so that their incredibly lovely instrumentals in honor of the Earth may take center stage. Using only instruments made from nature, their captivating soundscapes are like a resonant pool of melodic purity and peace which will increase your sense of well being in combination with therapeutic activities or alone; also recommended for meditation and relaxation.
Unusual as it may be for creative artists to do so, the members of Stardust are completely dedicated to their sincere quest of uniting the peoples of the world in peace and harmony through the sacrifice of ego and personal vainglory; while the members do tour, not a single name is ever credited in a program or announcement flyer.
Stardust give you a glimpse into a serene world rich with unparalleled loveliness; setting their personalities and egos aside in favor of spontaneous inspiration on the album "Timeless Earth,” they have created music of unmatched appeal in honor of the entity they love, "the mother of us all, Gaia.”
We are sorry that we cannot provide you with additional biographical information or even a photo of this interesting ensemble, but this would be contrary to their request for anonymity.

"Stardust may be the first intentional community of musicians ever; their ability to set aside ego makes for an unmatched intuitive communication between the players resulting in the incredibly beautiful and deeply harmonious music of this exquisite album”—New Age Retailer

"Inviting as a perfumed fountain, plenty of pure essence ensures that listeners can let go of the melody to allow energy shifts to happen”—NAPRA Review

"Beautiful, serene instrumental music”—Arizona Networking News

Timeless Earth

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