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Ralf Bach

Ralf Bach is a European composer, musician, and painter whose albums are favorably compared to the works of famed classical composer, Beethoven. Born in Bavaria, Ralf Bach grew up in a home always filled with music, from his father’s violin to arias sung by Mario Lanza. As a youth, Ralf learned painting technique to help develop a facility for expressing deep emotion through non-verbal means. He also learned to compose original music for keyboards and wind instruments; today, Ralf also plays flute, guitar, trumpet, accordion, organ, and percussion. This virtuosity with so many instruments allows him to record all the parts of any given song, allowing each instrument to perfectly compliment the overall musical theme with just the right amount of emotional nuance. Whenever possible, Ralf spends his time outdoors on the land surrounding his home in rural Germany. He sits under the ancient trees or in a wrought-iron pavilion dating from the last century, and watches the kingfishers, beavers, songbirds, and storks that thrive there. "I often sit, guitar in hand, with only a piece of paper and an old tape recorder to hold on to the ideas for songs. The nature sounds that form such an integral part of my records were recorded directly in front of my house; they are real, not synthesized, and serve as the basis for my inspiration.” Ralf tries to live a life of responsible stewardship and peace. In addition to volunteering his time with the Red Cross, he actively supports Amnesty International and Greenpeace. He meditates whenever possible, and studies Reiki and yoga.

Ralf Bach is hailed in Europe as "a modern Beethoven” for his exquisitely tasteful, classically inspired orchestrations suitable for relaxation, reverie, romance and refreshment. Praised by music reviewers, the popular albums "Desire For Love” and "More Desire For Love” overflow with intimate ambience; whether painting a sonic portrait of youthful affection, grand passion or wistful yearning, Ralf’s acoustic melodies are perfect for private moments, bodywork and delicious repose. More contemplative in nature, his "Moon Cycles” recording encourages you to drift into these truly mellow soundscapes for a deeply calming and evocative listening experience in harmony with the lunar phases.

Angel Kisses
Desire for Love
Moon Cycles
More Desire for Love

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